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Test Drive Your Team: The Benefits of a Contract-to-Hire Employment Model

Are you trying to expand your team but having trouble finding the perfect fit? Or perhaps you are testing out a new market or line of products and not yet sure if you need new full-time employees. In either case, contract-to-hire may be just the employment model for you. Here is what you should know.

How It Works

The contract-to-hire model is simple. You’ll bring on one or more employees on a temporary basis. They will remain on the staffing firm’s payroll for the duration of the temporary contract. However, the contract includes an option to convert to a direct hire at the end. This means that if both you and your new employee agree, they will become a full-time employee of your company at the end of the contract. If either of you feels that it’s not the right fit, you can simply allow the contract to expire and move on.

Working Interview

One of the biggest advantages of the contract-to-hire model is that it allows you to test out potential new employees. This allows you to expand your pool of recruits to include people who are newly reentering the workforce or don’t have much direct experience in your industry. It can also be useful if you are looking for someone with a specific, specialized skillset. You can test their skills “on the job” rather than trying to nail them down during the interview process.

Alignment Testing

Not every employee is a good match for every company. It can be tough to gauge alignment during the hiring process, but a bad fit is more likely to leave for another position. The contract period allows both you and the candidate to evaluate the fit over time before making a commitment.

Faster, Lower Pressure Hiring

Letting a position stay open for too long is hard on everyone. Your HR team will be scrambling to try to fill it while your current team members work twice as hard to fill the gap. However, trying to rush the process increases the chances of a bad hire.

When you use the contract-to-hire model, there is significantly less risk. Since you’ll have the opportunity to slow down and assess the candidate over time, you can hire someone quickly and then decide if they’re right for your company long-term. If they don’t work out, you will have bought yourself some time to look for a better match.

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