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Solving the Skills Gap Amidst the Labor Shortage

The manufacturing industry continues to face a tough labor shortage. It is true that the labor market is tight across the board. But for manufacturing in particular, older employees are retiring and younger workers are not as interested in this type of work. Adding to the problem is a major skills gap. The industry is evolving rapidly, and today’s manufacturing employees need fresh new skills that were completely unnecessary even a decade ago. If you can solve the skills gap problem, you can also minimize the effects of the labor shortage.

What’s Next in Manufacturing

What Skills Do Manufacturing Workers Need?

Traditional manufacturing skills such as machine operation and quality control remain extremely important. But today, many manufacturing facilities are also leaning heavily into emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). And most facilities are strongly tied into the Internet of Things, meaning that computer and database skills are now essential for a lot of positions.

Invest in Training

Consider teaching your workers what they need to know yourself, rather than trying to hire people who already have all of the right skills. This can go either way. You could hire people with tech skills and teach them how to do the more traditional parts of the job. Or you could hire people with basic manufacturing skills and train them on the technologies you use in your facility. Either way, the more you can lower the barrier to entry, the easier it will be to fully staff your operation.

And don’t forget about your existing team members. They’ve already proven their loyalty to you, and they deserve the first crack at emerging positions. Offer a variety of ways to upskill, from job shadowing and mentorships to formal certifications, and you are more likely to retain your best employees.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

A dedicated manufacturing staffing agency can help you solve the skills gap problem. We have deep ties to the local community and a strong network of candidates with a wide variety of skills. If you want someone who has both the traditional skills and the technical skills to hit the ground running on Day One, just let us know. We can get temporary workers to you in just a few days, or present you with a short list of fully qualified candidates for a full-time role within a matter of weeks.

Access Top Manufacturing Talent

At Gem Care, we specialize in all aspects of manufacturing talent. Whether you need an expert in production, engineering, or the skilled trades, we are ready to help. We can also provide talent for professional and managerial manufacturing roles. If you need manufacturing workers in Greeneville, Jefferson City, or Knoxville, TN, contact us today to get started!

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