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Gem Care is a staffing agency in Knoxville, TN, specializing in bringing revenue, productivity, technology, and quality to the manufacturing sector.

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Managing Productivity for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Managing Productivity for Your Manufacturing Workforce: What You Need to Do

Regardless of the size of your organization, productivity comes from the effective management of processes, operations, and the redundancies we… Read more »

Gem Care Stand Out in The Staffing World

How Gem Care Stands Out in the Staffing World

The only 24/7 staffing agency in the Greater Knoxville Area, Gem Care provides quality staffing and hiring services to our… Read more »

Employer who made a hiring mistake

Did You Make a Hiring Mistake? Here’s What You Can Do About It…

His resume was promising. He came in for his interview early. He dressed sharp, and he spoke quite eloquently.  But,… Read more »