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5 Facts About Working with a Manufacturing Staffing Agency You May Not Know

If you’re looking for a new job, you may not have considered working with a manufacturing staffing agency. After all, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what staffing agencies do. However, a recruiter can be a valuable ally in your job hunt. Here’s what you may not know.

1. A Lot of Companies Use Staffing Agencies

Even if they also post jobs directly, the majority of companies today partner with staffing firms. It makes sense for them because it allows them to offload the heavy lifting involved in finding and recruiting candidates. So, it’s a myth that you won’t find the “best” jobs if you work with a recruiter.

2. You’ll Gain Access to Hidden Jobs

Many of the best manufacturing positions are never posted on a public job board at all. Companies simply contact their staffing partner when they need to fill a new role. So, if you’re not working with a recruiter, there are a lot of desirable positions that you will never get to see.

3. Recruiters Do a Lot More Than Filling Jobs

Think of your recruiter as your personal job coach and agent. Recruiters are experts in the world of hiring, and we are eager to share our knowledge with you. Whether you need to update your resume, chart your career path, or even plan your interview outfit, your recruiter will be by your side. We also understand the importance of finding the right fit, so we will get to know you and your aspirations, approach to work, and personal values. Then, we will work hard to place you at the company that is right for you.

4. We Don’t Just Hire Temps

One of the most pervasive myths about staffing agencies is that we only offer temporary roles. But the truth is that we offer temp-to-hire and full-time positions as well. We’ll help you sort through your options and decide which route makes sense for you.

5. Our Services Are Free!

Each staffing agency is paid by the companies we partner with, not by job seekers. Working with a recruiter offers tremendous benefits, and you will never be charged a dime. Where else can you get so much for free?

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