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From Global to Local: The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Microfactories

Microfactories have become a hot new trend. Tucked into urban cores, these hyperlocal facilities are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. But what exactly do they do, and what are their advantages? Let’s take a look.


At their heart, micro-factories serve as highly versatile manufacturing facilities. Their small size makes them far more adaptable than traditional plants. Whether you are testing out a new product, scaling up or down, or experimenting with new technologies, a micro-factory makes it easy to pivot on a dime.


Microfactories are the wave of the future. Automation and advanced artificial intelligence can power a lot of the routine processes in a micro-factory, allowing your human employees to focus on more advanced tasks. These technological helpers can also boost speed, quality, and safety. And because these facilities are far smaller than a traditional manufacturing plant, the costs are not prohibitive.


Because micro-factories can pivot so quickly, they can add stability to uncertain supply chains. Rather than relying on suppliers in another state or country, you can simply produce the parts you need at your micro factory until supply chain disruptions ease.


One of the biggest benefits of micro-factories is the boost they can bring to the local economy. Rather than a single huge facility in a remote and hard-to-reach area, you can have a series of micro-factories located near where people live. This brings jobs to your community, many of which teach valuable technology skills.

Localization also makes it easier to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing locally-made materials and transporting them over a shorter distance. This also allows you to take advantage of your area’s natural resources and partner with nearby small businesses.

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