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Strength in Diversity: How Inclusive Workplaces Fuel Innovation in Manufacturing

Diversity and inclusion have been in the news a lot lately. But did you know that they are also driving innovation throughout the manufacturing industry? Here’s why diverse teams are good for your business.

Fresh Ideas

Do you know the old saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten?” Attributed to everyone from Henry Ford to motivational speaker Tony Robbins, there is a lot of truth in that quote. How can you expect your team to come up with the next revolutionary idea that transforms your manufacturing processes if it consists only of people from a single background and a shared set of experiences? Diversify your teams not only by race and ethnicity but also by age, educational background, and as many other dimensions as possible. Together, they will draw inspiration from places you never would have expected.

Stronger Decision Making

Diversity of backgrounds leads to diversity of thought. And the diversity of thought stretches teams in uncomfortable but ultimately highly productive ways. It forces everyone to consider ideas in new ways, ultimately leading to stronger decision-making. It also increases the chances that your team will recognize a bad idea and keep it from moving forward since you’ll have a closer representation of your actual customer base.

Better Execution

The more diverse your teams, the wider their collective skillsets and experiences will be. This gives them the resources they need to quickly and efficiently bring new ideas to life. It also reduces the likelihood of problems leading to ideas getting bogged down or abandoned altogether since the odds are good that someone on the team will have a solution.

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just talking points. They’re essential for manufacturing teams that want to keep moving forward. Diverse teams are more agile, better at making decisions, and more able to quickly execute plans. In an ever-changing manufacturing industry, they are exactly what you need to remain competitive.

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