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How AI Is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a major buzzword. But what role is it really playing in the manufacturing industry today? How can AI help you remain competitive and prepare your facility for the future? Here are some common tasks for AI in manufacturing.


One of the biggest strengths of AI in manufacturing and across all industries is its ability to crunch large amounts of data both quickly and accurately. Combined with real-time data supplied by the Internet of Things, AI can help you make better decisions for all aspects of your manufacturing business.

Quality Inspection

Artificial intelligence can help quality control inspectors become more accurate than ever before. Sophisticated autonomous robots can spot defects that are far smaller than the human eye can see. And they can work incredibly quickly, keeping the production lines moving.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chains have been difficult in the past few years, from the snarls of the COVID-19 years to wildly fluctuating shipping rates today. AI can help you analyze your supply chains to find areas of inefficiency and predict the results of various changes. This, in turn, can boost efficiency and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Production Line Checks

Wouldn’t it be great to know when your equipment is likely to fail, allowing you to build maintenance schedules that minimize downtime? With AI, you have that ability. Taking in data from sensors built into your machinery, artificial intelligence can determine the statistical likelihood of problems occurring, including which problems and when. With this information in hand, you can set more realistic maintenance schedules and keep your operations running smoothly.

What AI Can’t Do

It’s important to remember that AI is nothing more than a tool. The things you can do with it are pretty amazing, but AI in manufacturing or any other industry will never replace the human mind. You need people who are trained to work with AI, taking in its recommendations and putting them into real-world context. Focus on upskilling your entire staff so that everyone knows how to incorporate this new technology into their daily workflows.

Need some new talent?

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