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Showing How ‘Thankful’ You are for Your Employees This Season

Gratitude isn’t limited to Thanksgiving, but it’s a great time of year to go the extra mile for your employees. The year is coming to a close and the holiday rush is ahead of you, so why not take a moment to make sure your team knows how appreciated they are. Especially after a year like this, you want them to feel valued for all the work they do. Here’s how you can show your employees how thankful you are for them.

1. Thank them personally and specifically

This is one is good because it is impactful and inexpensive. Take some time to write thank-you notes to the members of your team, citing specific work they’ve done or milestones they reached this year. Show them you see how hard they work with specific details. You can also do this in-person, through an end of year review structure where you express gratitude and also seek out feedback for the coming year.

2. Give them gift cards they’ll enjoy

A gift card is another easy way to show your thanks and give your employees a way to treat themselves. This is an option where the details make the difference – while generic gift cards are appreciated as well, going to the extra step with a gift card to a restaurant or store the staff member enjoys personalizes the experience.

3. Add extra time off if feasible

Extra time off, especially around the holidays, is enjoyed by all, so why not add some extra cheer this year? If feasible for your team or business, consider adding a day or two around the upcoming holidays as a way to say thank you to them for how hard they’ve worked throughout the year.

4. Throw a surprise mealtime

Whether you bring in breakfast, lunch, or a tasty snack, surprise food at work is always a good idea. Gather everyone together and take a few moments to thank them with your words and then let them enjoy whatever you bring – pizza, bagels, subs, cake, etc.

5. Allow a more casual dress code

You can do this for a day or week around the holidays, either way, your employees will love the opportunity to be a little more casual and relaxed. Obviously, some business needs require a more formal dress code, but when it’s possible for them, give them the option.

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