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How to Ensure Diversity in Your Talent Pipeline

If you’re a company desiring a diverse workforce without success in sourcing one, you’re not alone. Many organizations cite this same issue when trying to build their pipeline. You know that research shows the benefits of diversity, but you don’t know how to achieve it. The key is to start with your talent pipeline. Finding these professionals is essential for your team, and here’s how you can begin to build your diverse talent bench.

1. Start with your diversity and inclusion strategies

Before you even begin looking for talent, you need to have the infrastructure. This way you have a guiding light in your efforts, and it becomes a part of your company culture. Plus, when you are interviewing a diverse candidate, you can speak to what your organization is doing so they understand the environment you’re trying to foster.

2. Find ways to remove unconscious bias

Whether you rely on your own internal staff or recruiters, unconscious bias can become an issue. Even when it doesn’t present as intentional discrimination, you want to make sure your hiring team is keeping any personal beliefs out of the equation. This is where different software can assist in the process – instead of having a human initially evaluate a resume or application and see names or any other identifiable information, a program can look for what’s important. Some will even remove this information so the candidate stands on their experience and skills, not their name.

3. Look to diverse schools and organizations

Recruiting from colleges is an easy and cost-effective strategy, but you want to make sure you’re adding diverse institutions into your mix, including colleges that are historically Black. Professional groups and organizations, like Women for Hire and the National Association of Asian American Professionals, are also great talent resources.

4. Ask for employee referrals

In general, employee referrals can speed up the hiring process and bring in high-quality candidates, but it can also help you find more diverse talent for your team. Pulling on their individual networks opens your business to any professional organizations or college classmates that may bring both diversity and talent to the team.

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