Stay Productive During This Holiday Season With These Motivation Tips!


Feeling that holiday distractions are taking over your productivity? Good news – you’re a member of a large and inclusive club! Many professionals find that holiday times can be challenging to get through at work. Fortunately, there are helpful suggestions to make it through. Try these motivation tips to keep you productive during the holiday season.

1. Say no when possible

One of the easiest ways to become overwhelmed and distracted is by overcommitting yourself. Whether it’s hosting a holiday potluck, planning the party at work, or attending a party every night, there are a million ways to stay busy this season. Don’t feel obligated to say yes – your mental health and work ethic are important to maintain.

2. Start a list for things you can’t forget

Think of this as outside of your to-do list. Anytime you remember something you need to do, add it to this list as a way of tracking everything outstanding. It’s easy to have a fleeting thought, remember you need to do it, and then forget in five minutes when you start another task. It may be helpful to keep both a personal and professional list for your projects both in and out of the office. Instead of racking your brain for what you still need to get done, you can check your do not forget the list.

3. Carve out time to worry about your holiday to-do list

Instead of letting these worries take over your workday, schedule time in the evening where you can dedicate yourself to focusing on holiday-related tasks. This way, when the thoughts begin to creep in at work, you can remind yourself you have time to do that later and can re-focus on the projects at hand

4. Try working in intervals

If you have a big project at work, you may try and dive into it headfirst, determined to do it all in one sitting. This strategy may work for you, but it also might lead you to become more distracted as you try to work. Another option is to break your focus into smaller chunks of time. Make a literal schedule of the times you want to work on pieces of it, building in small breaks where you can take a quick walk, grab some water, and re-center yourself.

5. Create deadlines for projects

Sometimes the hardest work to tackle are the projects with looser deadlines. This gives you more time to overthink and procrastinate actually doing the work. By creating real and manageable deadlines, you force yourself to focus on getting it done.

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