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Wear Multiple Hats At Work? Tips for Leading Different Teams

More often than not, your job isn’t limited to one specific area. Like many professionals, you probably find yourself wearing different hats and trying to manage multiple teams. Despite what you might think, the best approach is not leading them all the exact same way. Here’s how you can lead your teams differently and effectively.  

Hire more help  

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a way for you to manage multiple teams, but it needs to be said. Sometimes, you might just be handling too much. Whether you’re the owner with hands in too many areas or a manager covering for multiple areas, the responsibilities can pile up and ultimately hurt your employees. If feasible, figure out ways to bring on more help to ease your burden and make your organization run better.   

Empower the help you have  

We get it, sometimes hiring additional help isn’t feasible. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the support you need already on the payroll. Pay attention to your employees, and look for leadership potential. The first promotion doesn’t need to be a full-on manager, but you can create steps for them to climb as they work through the organization. Not only are you training your current talent to advance, but you’re also getting additional help in leadership.   

Determine what needs to be done in each role  

If you can’t hire people and you don’t have team members to promote, you may have to learn to manage yourself. For those in this boat, begin with breaking down all of your roles. Consider every area you manage and write them at the top of a sheet of paper. Then, below each role, write your responsibilities down. Don’t leave anything out as you determine exactly what needs to be done where. This will help you manage your own schedule better and provide a helpful resource to anyone stepping in to assist you.   

Don’t neglect long-term planning  

Option 3 is a great starting point for this section. When you have more daily tasks to do, it’s easy to lose sight of your need to accomplish long-term. What you do on the regular can overshadow plans to do everything else, which is similar to using duct tape instead of agreeing to a proper fix.   

When you ‘duct tape’ your organization or push along without thinking about the future, you’re surviving now, but you have no chance of thriving. Success is about vision, and a plan to master your responsibilities now while still making time for what’s ahead will help you be more successful.   

Get the customized solutions you need  

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