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Why Employee Feedback is Essential for the Health of Your Business

When is the last time you asked your employees for feedback about a process, product, or policies? How about, when is the last time you listened to what your employees said and implemented change? For some employers, this is a common practice, but some have yet to see the value in employee feedback.   

No matter which camp you fall in, employee feedback is essential for the health of your business. They are the backbone of your business, so you have to take the time to ask and listen to their opinions to help continue your trajectory to success. Here are a few reasons why you need to hear out your employees.  

It’s more important to your team than more money  

This sounds strange, but Deloitte’s research found that employees are more interested in the culture of your company and how they can advance than the compensation provided. The notes further indicated that listening was a big part of a good culture. While this might not be true of every employee, it still strikes an important note – clearly, your people want to feel heard.   

It improves your own leadership  

Fear is often a giant hurdle for management when it comes to listening, but learning to get past that is a big strength. Letting an employee voice their opinion and considering it does not necessarily indicate support, which is an important distinction. By hearing what they have to say and potentially implementing changes, you become a better leader simply by being open to other thoughts.   

It produces higher levels of motivation  

Think about it from your own perspective – are you more likely to work hard for a boss that listens and respects you or one who blows off your opinions? While life isn’t always in these extremes, it’s important to realize that when your team feels like what they have to say matters, they will work harder. It inspires loyalty because it is a reciprocal relationship.   

It can cost you money  

Beyond the benefits to your culture, productivity, and leadership, there is the tangible aspect every business is driven by – your bottom line. When you don’t listen to or even ask for feedback, you could miss something that results in lost revenue. In fact, poor listening leads to millions of dollars lost daily.   

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