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questions to ask in your manufacturing engineer interview

Questions You Should Ask in Your Manufacturing Engineer Interview

Nailing your manufacturing engineer job interview is all about the preparation you put in prior. You can be good at what you do, but if you’re floundering to answer their questions, you may be passed over in favor of someone who came in ready.   

An interview is all about the questions as the company learns more about you, and you learn more about them. It’s easy to focus on practicing responses related to scenarios and your strengths and weaknesses, but you also need to come in with questions for the interviewer. Beyond just showing you’re engaged and did your research, it helps you decide if this role is the right option for you. Consider asking these questions during your next manufacturing engineer interview.   

What technology and/or software do you currently use?  

This may come up as they ask more about your experience related to their opportunity, but you want to know what type of machinery and tech you could be working with ahead of time. Whether you’re familiar or not, it gives you the chance to research and be ready to learn should you get hired. If you are familiar with what they use, you can add it as a point in your favor.   

What is the growth potential in this company?  

You’re interviewing for a job now, but that doesn’t mean you should take your eyes off the future. Getting the job now only to learn there’s no room for you to grow means you’ll either be stuck in the same place for too long or soon you’ll be looking for something new.   

Does the company have any plans for growth or expansion?  

Whether your company is an established brand or is fresh to the market, you should learn a little more about where they see themselves going. It can help you see whether they are comfortable where they are or if they’re ready to expand and find more opportunities. A company without vision probably isn’t where you want to work.  

What are the expectations for this role, and how will I be evaluated?   

Employee feedback is vital, and you want to know how it works for this company. It also helps to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you start day one isn’t too crazy of a whirlwind.   

Please tell me about the training process here and ongoing education.  

Even though you might be familiar with the basics of the job, it’s helpful to know exactly how they go about making sure new hires are ready. Whether they have a plan in place or not can tell you a lot about the organization. In asking about future education, you’re learning whether you’ll have the opportunities and if it’s valued in their culture.   

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