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Employer who made a hiring mistake

Did You Make a Hiring Mistake? Here’s What You Can Do About It…

His resume was promising. He came in for his interview early. He dressed sharp, and he spoke quite eloquently.  But, as it turns out, he just didn’t cut it. The problem is, you didn’t realize it until after you hired him.

You’ve already waited three months for the right person to come across your desk. You closed out your ads. You halted your mission – and now, you might need to start all over again.

New hires are an expensive part of business. High rates of retention usually equate to higher spends on your budget. Not only is recruitment a crucial part of the process, but it can be quite costly and ultimately affect the way we do business. Training costs. Onboarding costs. And, it can also cost to let someone go – especially when there’s an iron-clad contract put into place.

Turnover is never a good thing. But, when you have a bad hire, it could impact much more than the financial bottom line. Production can be affected, quality can be lost, and bonds can be broken.

On the other end of the spectrum, it can jeopardize a company’s reputation. It can soil employee relations. It can lead teams to feel less secure in their positions. And, it will ultimately drive customers away. Still, you may find value in keeping this new hire, as a part of your team.

In the long run, will it cost more to replace them or to let them go temporarily? If for nothing else, it minimizes costs that would otherwise be unavoidable, here is what you can do when you’ve made a horrible hiring decision.

Engage in healthy communication.

Sometimes, there’s not a problem. It can simply just be a miscommunication. Maybe something got lost in translation. Perhaps management is not being clear.

Listen to your team. Listen to the new hire. Find out where the problem lies. What’s the root cause? Is there a solution?

Identify the issue to make amends. Discuss the issues at hand and address the problem as a whole. You hear that communication makes relationships work.

As in all relationships, sometimes healthy communication makes us stronger and can be what is needed so that we can go on to thrive.

Provide development and training.

If you’re having a hard time attracting top hires, you could always optimize your workforce through regular training and development. If your focus is on attracting those who have potential, as opposed to those who seem like they could be promising, you have a little more room to grow.

Most people can evolve, adapt, and learn rather quickly. Be their transformation. Whip them into shape, and make them the candidate that you prefer that they would be.

Those corporations that hire directly out of college are hell-bent on hiring entry-level candidates and think that they are better qualified than more experienced candidates in their field. They find that training, development, and mentorship make these candidates more loyal and find that retention is higher over the long-term. They also find that it is easy to train new talents than those who have experience in the field. The newer employees haven’t become accustomed to someone else’s processes, are less stubborn about the methods that they adopt, and that they are more willing to learn.

If a new hire isn’t living up to expectation, show them how. Encourage them. And, reward them for their loyalty.

Use them elsewhere.

Sometimes we are merely not pairing our new hire correctly – whether it’s the wrong role or team. If we break down the problem, we can find a better solution. Personalities can clash, and job descriptions don’t always match across the industry. Demand can vary, but good talent is hard to come by.

If we find someone we can trust, why should we be so quick to throw them away? Let’s evaluate their strengths. Sure, they may be a horrible match for the position that they were placed, but they may be an excellent match for another role that just opened up. We will still need to replace our new hire with a more qualified candidate. We’d be wasting our time and valuable resources to find someone else to take over the other position.


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