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6 Valuable Skills You Should Have to Land that Manufacturing Job

Trends in technology have led our society to evolve at an increasing rate. Because of this, expectations have grown across the workforce. Higher levels of education are encouraged just as much as regular training and certification.

Employers deal with the ongoing struggle of maximizing their productivity while reaching higher rates of efficiency within each department. Soft skills are treasured. Technical skills are a must.

Due to the competitive landscape and the impact global markets have had upon the manufacturing industry, quality is more important than ever. And, we, as employees, are often unsure of what those employers are looking for when looking for the right talent to fulfill each position. Applicant tracking systems can bar even the best talent from ever being seen. So, how do you get the attention of employers, when looking to succeed in the World of Manufacturing?

It’s simple. Embrace these six valuable skills and make sure to include them on the next resume you submit to employers.


You are innovative, solution-oriented. You know which tools you should use in the workforce and why they should be used. You know how to automate processes and create efficiencies, therein. You might even have a few programming skills that can be transferred into your new position. You may or may not be tech-savvy, but you are ready to learn and quick to adopt.


You regularly engage in strategic planning. You analyze processes, whether it’s relevant to you or not. You understand dependencies in process and how each step of production affects the next one, thereafter. You work to continuously improve the work cycle, poised on quality and performance. You quickly identify problems and act even quicker to fix them before its too late. You’re no stranger to developing a plan of attack. You implement solutions to make sure to turnaround each project on time and under budget, working with your team to keep the schedule on track.


Risk Management

Not only do you think critically, but you plan for ahead for problems that could happen. You identify weaknesses in operations and call attention to threats. You develop solutions in preparation for the “worst-case” and quickly implement those solutions at a time of need. You prevent problems from ever happening, and you keep the processes moving smoothly through the day. It’s because of you that the company experiences minimal downtime and can often deliver projects way ahead of schedule.


Adaptability & Transformation

You somewhat think of yourself as “The Butterfly of Manufacturing.” You can adapt to any situation, environment, or circumstance. You are an early adopter of processes and solutions. You transform to stay ahead of the changing times. You quickly learn, adopt interdisciplinary skills, and are multifaceted in your department. Your metamorphosis comes naturally, as you evolve to meet the ongoing needs of the organization and create an impact as a change agent within operations.

Strong Attention to Detail

In the testing and quality assurance of products, functionality, and their ability to be integrated into various systems and processes, there are a few things to keep in mind. You not only have to pay attention to the details, but you also assess potential flaws and failures that could otherwise occur in future implementations. You identify weaknesses, sniff out inaccuracies and errors, and are adept to finding ways to improve the product’s durability over time. Your feedback increases the value of the end-product, strengthens the trust of a loyal customer base, and ultimately increases the demand of all products being released by your company in the future.

Paying attention to the customers’ needs, you can forecast product interest, identify trends, and assess the popularity of products leaving the facility. You can improve the supply chain, develop strategies for preventative maintenance, and ensure an adequate supply of inventory over time. You will minimize the number of products being returned to the facility and eliminate damages that could potentially take place throughout manufacturing and production.

Strong Communication

As an active listener and an even stronger communicator, you are articulate, you are thorough, and little is left to interpretation. You cater to your team, you encourage them, and you help them to exceed all expectations set forth by operations. As your team grows with confidence, so does your performance, as a whole. Your collaboration drives productivity, and you find that you are efficient. Together, your team succeeds, and together you evolve.

Still unsure whether you are a fit for certain opportunities or if you are considered “hire-positive” material? 

Check-in with Gem Care. We help you highlight your strengths and matchmake you to the right employer, based on your current capabilities. We can point you in the right direction for career development, structured training programs, and businesses that provide on-the-job training so that you can grow from within.


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