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Gem Care Stand Out in The Staffing World

How Gem Care Stands Out in the Staffing World

The only 24/7 staffing agency in the Greater Knoxville Area, Gem Care provides quality staffing and hiring services to our partner’s in:


Since 2015, our services have compared second to none and have remained light years ahead of our competition. As one of Knoxville’s top recruitment agencies, we quickly fill positions and secure new opportunities:

  • In a temporary capacity.
  • As a contract-to-hire.
  • Under a set contract.
  • As a direct hire.


With a fantastic roster of talent, locked, loaded, and ready to go, we have thoroughly vetted and interviewed every candidate for immediate placement into your organization. Our recruiters are busy connecting skilled professionals with the top employers from around the region and answering your calls around the clock.

We are fully committed to solving your hiring-related needs and doing damage control, where previous employees may have fallen short.

We provide you with immediate access to more than 40 experienced individuals at any given time. Most of these individuals are flexible, hard-working, and ranked at various levels of expertise, otherwise rare to find in the general public.

We’re ready for the challenge and will eagerly take on even the most complex of those challenges while helping your brand to: 

  • Operate more efficiently and keep up with demand.
  • Drive productivity and meet production goals.
  • Exceed expectations and increase the bottom line.
  • Embrace innovation and reduce overtime expenses.
  • Scale the workforce to meet demand.
  • Avoid bottlenecks that slow down production.
  • Improve the safety and security of the work environment.
  • Meet tight production deadlines.

We are people you can count on, morning, afternoon, or in the middle of the night.

With scalable services, customized to meet every need of our client base, we put a certain level of quality and care into every placement that we facilitate. It’s simply what we do best.

Going the extra mile, we provide more than just 24/7 staffing support. We provide our talent bench with all the tools they need and opportunities to take the next step in their career. This is possible by connecting them with opportunities in areas where they can thrive. Because of this, we can provide our clients with specialized talents in the skilled trades and manufacturing.


On-call day and night, we carefully pair our talent bench to your goals and interests. We make it our business to stay on top of:

  • Who’s currently hiring and which companies are offering a competitive salary.
  • Which companies have a reputation for being great places to work.
  • Where a stable environment will equate to a fruitful career.

 As a minority and woman-owned business, Gem Care provides the support and resources our clients need to reach diversity goals while delivering timely staffing solutions at all levels. We immerse ourselves into the corporate culture as a true partner, bridging the gap between the employer, job seeker, and the community.


Let us satisfy your open and hard-to-fill positions today. 

We keep our clients from wasting both valuable time and money, as we poise ourselves on finding the right candidates for each position. Hiring-on only those most qualified, we give you the freedom to focus on what drives the most revenue, while minimizing the turnover that plagues your bottom line.


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