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In-Demand Electrical Engineering Skills Your Candidates Should Have

Electrical engineering is a profession that affects nearly every industry and generally keeps the world running. With a task as large and important as that, you want to make sure you’re hiring the candidates with the right skill base and experience. When reading through resumes and applications, look out for these in-demand skills for electrical engineers in 2021.

Maintaining electrical equipment

While electrical engineers spend time building and perfecting computer systems and electronic equipment, they must also be able to maintain it. This means they can look into issues in the wiring and processing to determine what is misfiring and work quickly and efficiently to solve any problems.

Develop and use computer systems

The building and operation of these are essential for electrical engineers, as our world is largely if not mostly computer-based. With so many processes now automated or run through computers, these engineers must be able to not only build the computer systems but operate it and understand others.

Circuit design

At the core of electrical engineering is the ability to design circuits. The professional must be able to examine and create the physical form the circuit will travel in order to produce the desired results. In the field, it’s important to understand new designs, be able to read the schematics, and then troubleshoot where needed.

Collecting and analyzing data

Part of circuit design includes doing statistical analysis of what’s happening in order to achieve better results. Because of this, it’s important that an electrical engineer understands how to collect and analyze data at every point of the process with their work so they can make corrections where needed and continually improve.

Continued learning

This isn’t a hard skill for electrical engineers, but it’s an important one. With new advancements every day with different fields, including robotics, consumer electronics, aerospace, and more, you want a candidate who demonstrates their commitment to continued learning. Someone who isn’t trying to learn new techniques and technology could ultimately hold your organization back.

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