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Solving Staffing Obstacles During Challenging Times

You know the success of your business largely depends on the talent you hire to support your goals. The right people can make the difference to your bottom line through their drive, skillset, dedication, innovation, and productivity. Unfortunately, there is a difference between knowing what you need and being able to source the perfect candidates.

Overcoming staffing hurdles can be difficult at any point, but when times become challenging, they can seem impossible. Changes in the economy and global health crises can flip the world of hiring upside down, leaving you desperate for good workers. No matter how hard you try, the help you desire remains elusive.

Unemployment rates in Knoxville

Take Knoxville, for example. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Knoxville’s unemployment rate was around 3.1 percent, lower than the national average. As more companies shifted their business models to operate as safely as possible, Tennessee saw its unemployment rate increase by more than 10 percent, taking the state to a rate of 14.7 percent of workers unemployed.

An increased unemployment rate seems like you would have a larger pool of candidates applying, but many companies in the area are finding that isn’t the situation at all. Despite more people out of work, fewer people seem interested in getting back on the job. Whether their decision is based on the benefits they’re receiving or safety concerns, the effect remains the same – you are facing significant staffing obstacles during these challenging times.

How to solve your staffing obstacles

The good news is you still have options to navigate through these challenging circumstances. While it may seem impossible, staffing agencies like Gem Care based out of Knoxville are still here to help fill your staffing needs. Business may look different now, but we’re still here to provide customized solutions and meet your staffing challenges.

Gain access to our talent bench

Partnering with a staffing agency takes the burden of looking for talent off of you and allows recruiters to do what they do best: locate the best candidates with tough-to-find skillsets and the experience you’re looking for at your company. They take the time to learn what you want so they can ensure they’re sourcing the right person for the role.

In times like these where finding new candidates may be more challenging, staffing agencies can look to their deep bench of talented professionals. We cultivate relationships with workers in manufacturing/skilled trades, engineering, and administrative/clerical fields to provide more options to our clients in need. These top-notch employees are available on-demand and can immediately fill your staffing needs.

Customized solutions for you every step of the way

Another challenge now is variable demand and evolving workloads given what’s happening in the world. This means the exact talent and number of employees to get the job done can frequently fluctuate, leaving you unsure how to balance the workload.

By offering customized solutions, staffing firms can provide the exact workforce you need, when you need it. Whether you want someone permanently through direct-hire or you’re more interested in a temporary placement through contract work, we are here to partner with you every step of the way. We can even meet in the middle with contract-to-hire staffing, meaning you get the help you need now to consider them full-time at a later date.

How Gem Care can help

Employers in the Knoxville, TN area trust Gem Care’s staffing services when they need people they can count on. Request an employee from us today or call for more information to see how we can assist. Head to to learn more about our services and find location and contact information.

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