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Summertime Morale

How to Keep Your Teams Morale Up in the Summertime

The warmer weather and sunny skies that summer brings can cause your employees to find themselves daydreaming more and more about vacation and being outside. Because of this widespread phenomenon, the summer months can be some of the hardest to keep up morale because it seems like no one wants to be at work. If you encounter this at your company, try these four tips to keep up your teams’ morale during the summertime.

Allow more flexible schedules

If it works with your business, give employees the option to be flexible. Whether it means working from home or adjusting their hours, you can improve productivity by giving them more control over their time.

This is especially helpful if your workforce is still working from home due to the pandemic. While they have the ‘be home’ option, you can find ways to loosen up the hours or even start something like half-day Fridays. Your team will appreciate any option you can feasibly do with your business.

Schedule out of office time and parties

Summer is a great time to celebrate success and work on team building. If you can, find ways to get your team out of their normal environment and outside where they can enjoy the weather while still on the job. This is a great option to show your appreciation to your team and give them a break from the office.

Loosen up your dress code

If you’re currently in your work setting, considering being less strict with the dress code where you can. Client and other important meetings require a more polished look, but maybe business casual can be dropped for the day-to-day. Whether you start with a dress down day or implement a new policy, any change can do big things to employee morale.

Try to bring out their competitive side

Competitions in the summer are great for team building and a way to offer incentives to your team, which in turn can encourage high levels of productivity. Identify a few competitions you could create either between teams or company-wide and encourage your staff to get involved.

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