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High Volume Hiring

Hire A High Volume of People Quickly with These Tips

The thrill of having the immediate thought can overshadow a massive influx of business that you need more people to complete the work. Then you begin thinking about the large numbers of staff you’ll need to bring on essentially now to meet the demand. Instead of panicking, try these tips to hire a high volume of people quickly.

Start with a clear description

When you need people fast, you don’t want to be the company with the vague job posting that leaves candidates scratching their heads and looking for something else. Take the time to write exactly what you need the people in the position to do and be realistic about timelines and the longevity of the project. Remember, you are selling both your company and the job, so make sure the personality of your business shines through.

Share it everywhere

If you want people to find your postings, make sure it’s where they are. Keep your website updated, post on job boards, and create social media updates. Anywhere you can get the word out is a smart move to bring in candidates faster.

Reach out to your bench

Whether you have a set roster of former applicants and employees or not, take time to reach out to people in the past you’ve interacted with who may be interested. Building a bench of talent is handy for moments such as these because you have already vetted candidates and hopefully, a relationship to improve the reception of the ask.

Encourage your team to help

By encourage, we, of course, mean incentivize. Find what motivates them and offer it as a reward to people who refer candidates. Not only does this increase the flow of candidates, but it also helps you find people who have gone through one vetting process, your employee thinks they are good enough to work for you.

Look for more than skills

Typically, you want a candidate with the right experience and attitude to benefit your organization, but bringing on a large number of staff quickly means you can’t be as picky if you want to be effective. Instead of matching experience, focus on their attitude – does this seem like a person who will work well on a team? Adapt to new skills easily? Questions like these will determine who a good fit is, so you bring on people who can be taught the job.

Partner with Gem Care

As a Knoxville-based staffing agency, we offer customized solutions to meet your biggest challenges. When you need people faster, we can pull from our resources to provide the team members you need quickly. Our talent bench is available for the on-demand access you need when you need it. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help you!

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