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Employee Experience

The Importance of the Employee Experience

When you think about your business providing an experience, you may automatically think of the customer experience. No matter who you’re trying to reach, your goal is to create the best experience for them, providing whatever they need to make a seamless process that builds long-term retention.

Or maybe you think about the experience you try to provide a candidate when you’re looking to hire. You take the time to consider the interviewing and onboarding process to make sure you’re communicating effectively and representing your company well. While attracting quality talent is essential, how often do you ask yourself about the employee experience?

Explaining the employee experience

Your employee experience is the same idea as what you do for customers and candidates – your goal is to do whatever you can to facilitate their needs and develop a better relationship. For employees, the specific experience looks like the technology they have to work with, how they interact with their team, the people that supervise them, their physical environment, and more. Beyond simply improving their time at your company is the realization that a reasonable employee experience benefits you as well.

Benefit #1: You keep more employees

Offering a positive employee experience means your team wants to stay and work longer, and a bad experience will increase turnover. This makes sense because if you’re giving at least 40 hours to an organization each week, you want that to be a positive time and not draining or frustrating.

Benefit #2: Your team is more engaged

Not only will a good employee experience lower your turnover, but it will also actually boost the overall engagement of your team. This trickles into areas like a better culture and increased productivity. Essentially, the better your employees feel, the better your company will become.

Benefit #3: Your profits will increase

Given that your employee experience has led to more loyal and engaged team members, it shouldn’t be surprising that your bottom line will also benefit. IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute did a study and found a correlation between better experiences and increased financial return. Unfortunately, this correlation works both ways – a negative experience can cause profits to drop.

Benefit #4: You will have more interested candidates

The word will spread about your employee experience, meaning top candidates will come to you looking for work. This doesn’t mean you focus less on the candidate experience, just that you understand how everything works together to benefit your team and organization.

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