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Job Search Mistakes

The Most Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

The easiest way to make mistakes is through nervous and rushed work, which creates the perfect storm of opportunity for error in the job search. You’re trying to get your information in quickly for interesting positions to get an edge on the competition. Still, it’s this sense of urgency that can push you behind your fellow candidates.

In most situations in life, one mistake isn’t the end of everything, and maybe you apply this logic to your job search. Unfortunately, mistakes during the job search can be your downfall, even something as small as one typo in a resume. Consider these most common job search mistakes you need to avoid next time you’re looking for work.

How you leave your job

Now, this may begin before the search, but it’s no less important to consider. Leaving in an emotional hurry where you said some choice words to your supervisor can come back to haunt you if the hiring manager follows up with past employers. Plus, a graceful exit is easier to discuss in an interview because you aren’t scrambling to cover what happened.


TMI, or too much information, can get the best of everyone. You desperately want to showcase all of your skills and experience, but it is possible to share too much. Read through your resume and cover letter after they’re written and evaluate everything that’s included. Is your resume focused on the most relevant items from your career? Does it all point to what you could do for the employer, not what you want out of the experience? Similarly, keep a lot of the personal details out of the cover letter. The hiring manager reading both documents wants to see what you can do for the company, not why you think this job is perfect for you, and how it will help you.

Actually focus on finding matches

Needing a new job creates desperation in candidates that may have them reaching for the stars when it comes to new jobs. While you may find your dream job, if you aren’t directly qualified, you shouldn’t apply. Since your typical first impression with an organization is your resume, they will only see that you don’t have what they requested and get rid of your information. Instead of wasting time on these opportunities, focus your search.

Watch you wear

Considering an appropriate outfit for an interview seems obvious, but many candidates miss the mark and, as a result, miss their chance for the job. The key is to research the company and fall in line with their standards. Before you begin talking about yourself, the hiring team will see how you’re presented, and that can make all the difference.

Get connected to the right opportunities for you

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