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Top Questions You Should Prepare for in Your Production Interview

Scheduling an interview for a job you want is one of the most exciting feelings, followed by the realization of all the work you need to do to prepare. Clothes must be picked out, resumes must be updated and reviewed, and questions must be practiced.   

While you can’t be entirely sure what questions will come up during the interview, there are some classics to be aware of in your preparation. If you’re about to go into a production interview, here are four of the top questions you’ll likely be asked. 

1. Talk about any experience you have working with machinery in industrial settings.  

Your role as a production worker means many different responsibilities, and your employer will ask this to learn more about how you can slot into those different roles. Learning how to troubleshoot issues and work the machinery can be done on the job, but employers want to see if you have that drive to step up before bringing you onto the team.  

2. Have you ever been in a production role where there were physical demands you that were more challenging? 

This is a very layered question because the interviewer is looking to learn more about your experience and how you perform in your job. The key here is not to bring up a situation where you didn’t have what you needed or blame your employer. You want to talk about something that was challenging and what you did to solve the issue.  

3. What would you do if you noticed a safety concern in the workplace? 

An employer wants to hire employees who value safety. This question comes up to see if you’ve had safety training and how you view upholding safety policies. Make sure you talk about commitment to safety and reporting any violations through the proper channels.  

4. If you saw a co-worker sitting in the breakroom when they should be working, what would you do?  

Inherently most workers do not want to seem like they are “ratting” out their co-workers, but an employer needs to see that you understand company policies and that you can handle conflict resolution. Acing this question shows you can be a dedicated employee who can speak comfortably to his or her fellow employees and take additional action when necessary.  

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