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how long is too long when finding the right hire

How Long is Too Long When Finding the Right Hire?

It’s hard to say how long is too long when you’re looking to hire the right person for your company. You want to make sure you’re not passing up talent. Or stringing along qualified candidates who get frustrated and go elsewhere. Or that a vacancy on your staff isn’t putting too strain on the rest of your employees. You have to balance of sense of urgency with some deliberate patience. Here are some tips about how long is too long when finding the right hire.

Charge your team with recruiting

Everyone who works for your company can help you recruit, not just your HR staff. When you’re hiring for a certain position, spread the word to the rest of your employees and ask them to ask around. They surely have former colleagues, old classmates, or people they’ve met at trade shows or conferences who would be good fits. And they know what it takes to work for you firsthand and can identify good cultural fits. Tell them to pay attention and pass along vital contact information. Then, incentivize your employees with cash bonuses when their referrals do well.

Find your recruiting weaknesses

If your hiring process seems to be taking too long, figure out where you’re going wrong. If you’re having trouble collecting resumes, it may be that your job posting isn’t clear. If you’re getting the right candidates, but haven’t been able to lure them into the final stages, it might be that your benefits package isn’t substantial enough. Break your hiring process down into smaller steps so you can fix what isn’t working.

Be flexible

There’s no candidate who will be absolutely perfect, so lower your expectations. Just know ahead of time which requirements are absolute must-haves and which you’re willing to compromise on. Remember that you can always train people who are passionate and willing to learn, so consider hiring an enthusiastic applicant over one who seems less eager but meets all the professional requirements.

But don’t hire just anyone

Though you might be tempted to hire any breathing candidate when the rest of your team is feeling increasingly overwhelmed, don’t. A bad hire just means that you’ll have to start the process again in a few short months. Instead, look to hire someone who will remain loyal and who you can groom and grow into a long-term employee. If you feel desperate, consider a temp employee until you find the right person.

Be proactive

Start thinking about your future hiring needs right now so you’re not caught off guard when someone leaves or retires or your company’s growth requires more employees. Keep a database of qualified candidates that you can contact when you’re suddenly in a pinch. Try using applicant-tracking software to document qualifications, experience levels, and contact information. And keep in contact with job seekers you like but didn’t hire.

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