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Gem care core values

Gem Care’s Core Values: Bringing More to the Table

At Gem Care, we’re bringing more to the table than your average, run-of-the-mill recruitment agency or placement firm. Our core values are simple. We actively reduce turnover by embracing the corporate culture. And, we create teams that scream “family” – loyal, trustworthy, and centered on amazing employee relations.


A True Partner. 

We’re not just a vendor. We are a true partner, and so much more.

We genuinely believe in “connecting great people with great companies.” It’s our philosophy and what continually drives us to secure amazing opportunities for those candidates, specializing in:


By developing highly effective strategies for the expansion of successful career placement opportunities, we source candidates for all positions, whether entry-level or salaried employee.

We source only those candidates, who are fully committed to the process and are willing to go that extra mile. We’re small enough to adapt all aspects of recruitment, onboarding, timekeeping, and billing, yet big enough to go above and beyond for all clientele.

With a focus on contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire recruitment, we can provide our clients with relief – even in the middle of the night. We pride ourselves on being the only 24/7 staffing agency in the Greater Knoxville Area, catering to the immediate needs of our clients and matchmaking the right talent at the drop of a dime.  We work hard to exceed expectations and craft customizable solutions that strengthen the immediate workforce, creating an even stronger infrastructure for our clients, over time.


We are the company that manufacturers trust. 

We’re in it for the long-term! Our goals are their goals, and we immerse ourselves into the corporate culture.

Whether it’s a temporary option or a more permanent solution, we’re committed to the placement of qualified personnel.  Our candidates are fully vetted, awaiting opportunities, and ready to move into both long-term and short-term positions. We are a qualified woman-owned and minority-owned business and are equipped to help employers meet all diversity-related goals that they might have.

Our team is actively engaged in open community outreach and the hosting of live hiring events. We find creative ways to meet your future workforce and their families early in the recruitment process. We show the community we care and carry this sentiment through to the onboarding cycle. We partner strategically with our clients to provide information on the internal workings of each organization and the benefits of employment, therein. This means branding each event with a singular focus on you, as the client and t-shirts to your audience – allowing them to envision themselves, as a future employer of your company.


Gem Care works for you. 

Pairing you with great candidates and allowing your company to shine in ways that it never has before. We make you our priority and find the talent that you need to succeed over time. Please, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on behalf of your ongoing hiring needs. Find out first-hand exactly why we have been continually acknowledged as the most trusted partner in 24-hour staffing for the Greater Knoxville Area, and let us work for you, today!


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