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Going The Extra Mile: Gem Care Provides Staffing Support 24/7

As the world sleeps, manufacturing continues. Businesses find themselves plagued with the inability to staff for various roles and positions during the midnight hours. The third shift can be both a blessing and a curse with higher rates of turnover, repetitive “no-shows,” and a lack of willing manpower that will step in at a moment’s notice. 

When the workforce is too sparse to operate adequately, who will be there to help? 

Hiring the right team means holding a higher rate of retention, but this means being available at odd hours of the night to accommodate the schedules of those that we seek to employ. Graveyard workers tend to silence their ringtones, ignore a growing database of unheard voicemails and are rarely available to take our calls during daytime business hours. 

Top talents are simply unavailable, and we have no choice but to choose that “second-best” when desperate to fulfill an open position. Our production suffers, quality dwindles, and our lines are less efficient than we would like them to be. 

Acquiring a stronger workforce of top talents while building a more loyal team of specialized professionals. 

Because the most desired talents tend to work while we sleep, we find that those most qualified for each position are already working in another. They are seeking a pay raise and will not budge until offered a better job, salary, or benefits package than they already receive. 

Many of these workers prefer to engage in a less political environment. They may prefer the convenience while returning to school to advance their areas of expertise. They are committed to professional development, 

specialization, and the luxury of making a difference. They enjoy the benefits of earning a few dollars more per hour – yet tend to be more productive than their daytime counterparts. 

The Bottom Line. 

Third shift is not for the lighthearted. Those that have shown commitment to such a gruesome schedule also tend to be the most loyal, going on to earn tenure at the companies that they serve. These employees are willing to learn, ready to grow, and are often promoted from within.

Turnover will remain high if the wrong people are allowed through those doors. Budgets are wasted on the recruitment, training, and onboarding of unpredictable new hires. Instability can interfere with our daily work cycles; a lack of experience will tremendously affect the quality of production output we deliver to our customers. 

An Interesting Option. 

Having a 24-hour support team available seven days a week can offset the inability to get in touch with those preferred hires. These prospective hires most likely align with our values, our continued business goalsand objectives. They can support our goals going forward while vetting out the bad seeds that can interfere with our journey. 

Growing a committed workforce means building a stronger team of hard-working professionals that will yield a higher level of performance, productivity, and result than previous hires on our payroll. 

Through the help and support of such an agency, key positions will be filled immediately, while more targeted hires are scouted for those harder to fulfill positions. Profiles are built, and backgrounds are verified around the clock to ensure there are no weak links in your chain of operations. 


Do you need an employee for third shift, but are unable to reach out to anyone at a moment’s notice? Gem Care is prepared to provide a staffing solution by being the ONLY regional firm that provides 24/7 recruiting to our clients in: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Engineering 
  • Sales 
  • The Skilled Trades

As the only 24/7 staffing agency in the Greater Knoxville Area, we help you keep up with variable demand under tight production deadlines and the quick turnaround. We screen 100% of our candidates on a face-to-face basis, fulfilling your permanent, flexible, and last-minute workforce-related needs. 

Our team is on stand-by and available around the clock to address any issues or concerns that you may have with your current workforce. 

We serve as a partner, a vendor, and a liaison between top talent and your current pool of committed employees. We match individuals based on your specific need for a specialized workforce. We listen to your goals and help develop strategies to reduce turnover and improve retention. For a more long-term solution to hiring and placement, we allow you to focus on business while keeping your team fully-staffed with hard-working, trustworthy individuals.

What is your biggest challenge? We can help you address it. We’ll help you to improve performance and can customize onboarding, timekeeping, billing, and reporting processes to your specific needs. Get in touch with a member of our Gem Care staff today!

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