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overwhelmed at work

4 Things You Can Do When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

At some point in your life, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed. All you can think about is the never-ending list of things you need to get done and all the responsibilities you can’t forget. To put it plainly, being overwhelmed is an awful feeling. When it happens at work, you may feel inadequate and incapable of getting the job done, decreasing your productivity. Instead of letting those feelings win, try these four things to combat feeling overwhelmed at work.

1. Be graceful

It can be easy to let one setback define you and set the mood for your entire day or week. You get trapped in what you did or didn’t do and let it affect everything you try to do after. These moments at work are inevitable since no one is perfect, but the key is you cannot let it define you. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens; instead, give yourself grace. You are going to mess up, so learn from the experience and continue to do better.

2. Walk away

This one is especially useful if you feel like you will never get through your workload, or you can’t find the motivation to start a new project. Taking a break is a great way to re-center yourself as you move away from the work to be done. It doesn’t change what’s ahead of you, but it changes your perspective. Even just a few minutes spent walking outside, to the kitchen, around your workspace, or chatting with a co-worker can give you essential space, so when you return, you’re ready to tackle what needs done.

3. Make deadlines

Knowing you don’t have a project due until later in the week can give you a false sense of security because soon it is just before the deadline, and you are scrambling to finish it and other items on your list. Look at the actual deadlines for projects and then make your own. These give you wiggle room in your schedule and keep you motivated to do the work now instead of procrastinating.

4. Find balance

Ultimately, one of the most significant ways you can help your feelings at work is to make sure you are constantly creating balance in your life. If you take the stress home with you and dwell in it, it will follow you day today. But, if you can disconnect, you can refocus your life after hours and maybe gain fresh perspectives into your work life. This may be more challenging now if you’re working remotely, but it isn’t impossible. Intentionality is key.

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