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steps to take after an interview

What Steps Should You Take Immediately After an Interview?

Leading up to an interview, all you do is prepare. You learn more about the company and develop questions to ask at the end of the interview. All the necessary planning is done to ensure you show up ready to ace your interview, but what happens when it’s done? Here are four steps you can take immediately after an interview to stay in the game.  

1. Start before the interview is over  

Technically this one begins before you leave the interview, but it ties into what happens after. One of the most important questions you can ask is for a timeline for the hiring process and potential next steps. This will inform your follow-up process, although sometimes it will take longer than they estimate.  

It’s also essential when you’re in the interview to collect your interviewer’s business card so you can reach out directly to the right person later. Ask them if it’s okay for you to connect on LinkedIn because even if you don’t get this job, it’s good to stay connected and grow your network.  

2. Send a personal note  

Using their business card, make sure you send a personal note to your interviewer(s) within a day of the interview. There are different schools of thought related to the proper outlet, with some saying just an email is sufficient. A wise choice is to be thorough without being overzealous, which is all about finding the right balance.  

Start with an email or LinkedIn message the same day. This shows you are connecting and interested after the interview. Mail a handwritten note within the next few days for a more personal touch that also shows you’re willing to put in the effort. Both of these can either give you an edge or at least keep you aligned with your competition 

3. Check back in  

If you haven’t heard anything for a while, or their timeline has passed, don’t be afraid to reach back out and see what’s going on. This doesn’t mean obsessively calling and emailing, merely using one method to check back in to connect. You may not get an answer, but it again reinforces your interest.  

4. Don’t stop looking  

You may be convinced this is the perfect job for you, but you don’t want it to stop your other efforts. Since you can’t guarantee you’ll get the job, putting all your eggs in that basket can leave your disappointment at the end. Plus, continuing to interview can distract you from the stress of waiting to hear.  

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