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The Simple Solutions

The Simple Solutions for Effective Internal Communication

Poor communication in a workplace affects more than just your team. The longer your communication problems grow, the more likely you’ll see it impact your bottom line and even customer relationships. No matter what your business is, you can’t afford to neglect this important area.  

Improved internal communications start a cycle that leads to better employee engagement, increased productivity, and, ultimately, more revenue. While the benefits are undoubted, you may be asking yourself, ‘how do I get started?’ Here are simple solutions for your company to develop effective internal communications 

Determine where you’re at now 

Before you can fix a problem, you need to understand it. This means rather than developing a strategy based on blanket recommendations, you evaluate communication at your organization and decide what is working and what isn’t. Start by looking at how you’re communicating, what tools you may be using, and the opinion of your employees.  

Figure out what needs to change and make your plan 

Now that you know where your internal communications stand, you can begin to plan the necessary changes. It’s here you can examine the different departments and their needs to determine the right steps moving forward.  

Through this planning, you can learn more about what departments need to communicate with others, how approval processes work, different technologies that can aid in the process, and more. The goal is to take what you have and what you know needs to change and develop a new system for internal communication that works across your organization.  

Ask for feedback from your different teams 

Even with the research-driven approach, you still want to ensure what you’re planning aligns with the different teams. Share your plan and proposed changes with them to review and see if it will streamline and even open the lines of communication that were previously blocked.  

This does more than make your plan effective – it involves your employees and invites them to be a part of your process, which is a step by itself toward better communication.  

Keep monitoring after implementation 

Evaluating the success of what you’re doing is key to any business venture, and internal communications are no exception. Your plan may need refined or adjusted as time goes on, so you never want to roll it out and assume your work is done. It should be a living and breathing thing, kind of like real communication.  

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