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Manufacturing employees and motivaton

Are Your Manufacturing Employees Lacking Motivation? This is What You Can Do

It’s not always easy to keep your employees motivated. Different strategies work for different types of people, so you have to implement motivation programs that work for a variety of ages, experience levels, and personality types. The best way to do that is to provide comprehensive options so that you’re including and appealing to all your employees. Here’s how to motivate your manufacturing employees if you find they’re not motivated.

Use motivation software

For a fresh approach to motivating your manufacturing your sales team, try using software that can track performance and relevant data. There’s not one single software program or app that will work for everyone, but find one that’s a good fit for your company and integrate it into their daily lives. If you try to use more than one to appeal to different personalities and jobs, you’ll only create more work for yourself and your employees. Instead, consolidate everything on one platform, so everything’s centralized and easy to use.

Provide options

Some people thrive on intrinsic motivation—they want to do their best no matter what. Others, on the other hand, need outside forces to get them going, like prizes and money and some friendly competition. Because you have such a range of motivational needs, you need to provide a lot of options. Figure out what drives each of your employees and award them appropriately. You can still give an intrinsically motivated employee a gift card or cash bonus, but know that they’re going to work hard regardless. If you neglect the extrinsic motivators, eventually the intrinsically motivated people will feel unappreciated, too.

Incentivize performance

These incentives are pretty straightforward. When your employees meet a quota, improve their productivity, save the company some money, or help improve a procedure, reward them with bonuses, raises, promotions, and other types of tangible prizes—like trips, gift cards, and awards.

Help develop careers

Many of your employees are looking to grow and advance their careers. They’ll want to learn more, achieve mastery of their skills, contribute for the good of the company, and prove that they’re ready for their next promotion. For those employees, provide tenure awards, more training opportunities, and bigger responsibilities.

Encourage community

And then there are your pro-social employees. They enjoy working to better the company, to help their coworkers, and to feel a sense of belonging and social contact with the people around them. These types of workers are driven by peer-to-peer awards, praise, and recognition in front of the whole team, and feel appreciated for the way they improve their company. You might mention their achievements in a large meeting, send a company-wide email about it, or post something on your social media page.

Motivate your team

For more tips on how Gem Care can help you motivate your manufacturing team, check out our website.

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