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what you can do to create a better work environment

What You Can Do to Create a Better Work Environment

No matter what industry you’re in, a cooperative, supportive work environment is key to fostering productivity and efficiency. People spend more of their waking hours at work than at home, so you might as well make it an enjoyable place that people look forward to being. After all, if they’re not motivated to come to work, they won’t be motivated to put forth their best effort and contribute to the company’s goals. Here are some tips for creating a better work environment.

Be grateful

Yes, a job is a job, and though you might gripe about it from time to time, it’s important to show gratitude for your job. There are far worse places you could be! Set a regular time—maybe a weekly staff meeting—for you and your team to express their appreciation for each other, for their jobs, and the opportunities ahead of them.

Create a safe environment

A degrading, toxic environment will kill creativity, innovation, and motivation. If people don’t feel safe enough to bring up concerns and new ideas, nothing will ever get done. Trust your team to make good decisions and welcome every idea and opinion with respect.

Be accountable and respectful

Resources, especially time and energy, are finite. Be respectful of your team’s resources by handling your responsibilities and making sure your employees are doing the same. Don’t dump an unfinished project on someone or neglect to complete something. That shows the people around you that you don’t respect them and that disrespect will be met with resentment and bitterness, destroying all hope of cooperation and collaboration.

Be positive

A positive, optimistic attitude is highly contagious. Don’t look at setbacks or obstacles as problems. Instead, think of them as opportunities to reflect, analyze, and make a change. Mistakes are not failures; they’re chances to learn. Find the humor and silver lining in every situation and teach your team to do the same.

Be fair and consistent 

There are lots of trendy perks that companies offer, and it might be tempting to try and provide the same. But you have to do what works for your company and what you can afford. Be consistent and make sure you’re treating your employees fairly and equally. If you start to play favorites, they’ll get jealous and resentful.

Keep your eye on the ball

Taking your eye off the ball is a common mistake in the work world. It can mean a lot of different things, but in this case, we mean don’t sacrifice the important for the urgent. Sometimes tasks pop up that need to get completed immediately, but it might not be important to the company’s mission. If you start compromising on that, your company’s goals and vision, your team will get confused, and they’ll lose sight of it, too, gradually causing your company’s culture to disintegrate.

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