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The Advantages of a temp-to-hire employee

The Advantages of a Temp-to-Hire Employee

A temp-to-hire hiring process is when you hire an employee through a staffing agency on a temporary basis with the possibility at the end of the contract of hiring the candidate permanently. The temporary piece allows for a test run on both sides. As an employer, you can decide if the candidate is a good fit for your company at the same time the candidate is deciding if they want to work for you long-term. It allows for some flexibility while you take your time finding the right talent for you. Here are some advantages to a temp-to-hire position.

You get a trial run

A temp-to-hire strategy allows your company to evaluate the potential employee and determine whether they’re a good fit for you. You can assess their skills and abilities and decide whether they can add value to your company before you hire them permanently. Plus

They can get to know you

No employer wants an unhappy employee. Dissatisfied employees have trouble staying engaged, being productive, and achieving their goals. They turn out poor quality work, make mistakes, and aren’t invested enough to care. This is yet another reason why the temp-to-hire concept is useful. Your potential permanent employees get to try out your company and decide whether it’s a place where they want to be long-term if they’re comfortable with the job assignments, the workplace atmosphere, and the people around them, great! If not, they can leave as planned with no strings attached.

Save time and money

A bad hire is costly. After you’ve spent time, money, and other resources recruiting, interviewing, checking resources, and ultimately hiring a new employee, the last thing you want to do is let that person go and start the whole process over again. Hiring the wrong employee can also take a toll on your team’s morale. Other employees will have to pick up the slack, and they may feel overworked and resentful. A bad hire can be pretty disruptive to your culture and productivity, but if it’s temporarily, it’ll be on a smaller scale than a permanent employee.

Find temp-to-hire employees with Gem Care

One of the best ways to find temp-to-hire employees is to work with a staffing agency like Gem Care. We have the experience, connections, and pool of qualified candidates to assess candidates for you. We’re experts in negotiating and understand your industry well enough to know how to structure the ideal contract to satisfy both employer and candidate. For more tips on how Gem Care can help you meet your staffing needs, check out our website.


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