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Managing Productivity for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Managing Productivity for Your Manufacturing Workforce: What You Need to Do

Regardless of the size of your organization, productivity comes from the effective management of processes, operations, and the redundancies we encounter regularly. Through careful management and strategic planning, we can cut the workload by more than half, increasing our revenue, while turning around each project in record time.

By getting more done in a shorter period of time, we can stay ahead of the competition, increase demand, and double-check the quality of our output before delivery to the end-consumer. This strategy is how we position ourselves in the markets and grow our organizations. And, this is how you can effectively increase the productivity of your current workforce today!


Encourage teamwork and improve all communication.

You know what they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Teams that embrace the family-oriented dynamic tend to be those most likely to succeed down the road. Even on their worst days, their level of commitment speaks volumes about the respect they have for one another. They understand how each piece of the puzzle fits together and how important each role is the road ahead.

United under a common vision, they understand what it takes to be a team, and that collaboration is king if they want to succeed in this journey, together. Voicing their opinions, giving and receiving feedback at the drop of a hat is all part of the norm. They will implement new ideas and take chances by substituting resistance with ambition, as each member takes on a role and takes charge to ensure positive results and continued success together.


Training and Development

Training and development programs are beneficial for your business on so many levels. In regards to productivity, however, they are so effective. Since training and development leads to confidence in your role, it will enable your team to move faster. The process keeps them in sync, and knowledge will go on to breed accuracy – meaning no redundancies should ever take place.


Eliminate redundancies, minimize dependency.

By automating processes, we can increase efficiency and completely do away with the redundancies that keep us from effectively moving ahead. When accuracy is improved, we can better forecast our results, independently deploying processes that do not rely on one another to subside. We create simultaneous work cycles with processes that overlap, finishing projects ahead of schedule and achieving more significant results in a much shorter period.


Institute clear SOPs and enforce best practice strategies while on the job. 

By instituting a clear set of rules and standard operating procedures (SOPs), you are paving the way for improved quality control throughout daily operations. You are providing continued direction in the path of upwards progression and leading your teams to achieve a high number of objectives in a much shorter amount of time.  You are establishing an organization, instituting policies, and holding your team to a higher standard for accountability.

The environment is much safer. Processes are unified. And, risk management has minimized the number of mishaps taking place throughout the department. Less of the process needs to be reworked, and less backtracking is necessary for productivity to occur.


Lead and empower the workforce from within.

Hiring managers should look for leaders that influence their teams from within.

They strengthen their teams at their core, providing empowerment and stability therein. They’re not willing to compromise success by giving up too quickly. They are determined and motivational, leading by example and cultivating a younger generation of leaders, yet to be unleashed into the workforce.

They spark flames that continue to ignite, rewarding performance with praise, and supporting the needs of those struggling to make it to the next level. They bridge gaps in operations and minimize weaknesses by offsetting them with potential.

Teams work hard to live up to expectations. They are motivated to outdo their capabilities, continue to be committed, and feel more positive doing so. Over time, this will lead to higher productivity.


Our candidates are no stranger to productivity. 

Partner with us and build a workforce, filled with creative, able-bodied talents who specialize in manufacturing, engineering, and skilled trades. Available 24-hours a day, Gem Care is the only agency in the Greater Knoxville area that can help you exceed your production goals by providing you with temporary hires at any time of day or night.


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